13 July 2008

Self Control

Yesterday there were two Estate Sales that were happening close to my house. As y'all know by now, Estate Sales are my favorite type of Saturday morning activity. Why then, you might ask, did I not go to either one of those? Well, I am trying to exhibit some self-control. That's why. Because the fact is that in two weeks I'll be driving across the country and I should be staying home (read: not spending money!) and concentrating on getting all of my stuff together for the trip out west. Did I mention the Estate Sales are going on today too? And that one of them is less than 2 miles from my house? Or that I'm having an awfully hard time not running right down the street to see what they have to offer? Yeah, this self-control thing is HARD!!

Yesterday, you know, the day I should've been out yard saling but wasn't, was not nearly as productive as I had hoped it would be. See, I thought by staying home and not going to the Estate Sales that the husband and I would get a lot of stuff accomplished here at home. Well, that just didn't happen. We went to Home Depot so the husband could pick up grass seed for the big ol dirt patch on the side of our house. And he mowed the lawn, and did some laundry. Yes, he does the laundry because shortly after moving into our house I was down in the basement and saw some camel crickets and I am terrified of those things. Never heard of camel crickets? Well, first, consider yourself blessed. And then go google "Camel Cricket" and then sit there with the heebie-jeebies after you see how scary those things look! So, until the husband can get the basement cricket-free and finished off, he's doing the laundry. I mean I will do laundry, I'll just have to go find a laundromat first because I refuse to go into the basement. Yes. I am aware of the fact that I'm a big ol chicken. I'm okay with that!!

This morning I woke up kind of late (thank you, doggies, for letting me sleep in!) and came downstairs and cleaned the kitchen and made a pot of coffee. The husband and I had to run to Walmart for a new spray nozzle thing for the garden hose. The husband was watering his new grass seed yesterday afternoon and yanked a little too hard on the nozzle/hose and it broke. Haaaahahahaha I was sitting on the rocker talking with him as he watered the lawn and he's tugging on the hose and then it was like the thing exploded on him. Water went everywhere. I was really trying my hardest to not crack up but I couldn't help it. It was funny. Of course he didn't think so because he was covered in icy cold water. But it was funny to me!

So, the husband is outside now finally pressure washing the rockers so we can get those painted. Hopefully they will dry quickly so we can paint them today. I'm staying inside for now because I'm allergic to heat! Haha not really but it sounds like a good excuse! We're going to work on clearing out the two guest rooms today. They are filled with boxes that we've brought up from the basement and are putting in the attic. I want this house cleaned up/cleared out and organized before I leave which means I have a lot of stuff to do over the next two weeks. Not only cleaning the house, but also packing all of my stuff, getting my car tuned up, driving to NC to meet my mom & drop off the dogs! Ugh, I am going to be so stressed out until the end of the month.

Well, I should probably get going so I can get those rooms done, huh? Hope y'all are having a great weekend!!


Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Hope you are having a lot of luck cleaning and organizing today before your big trip! Sounds like quite an adventure! I detest clothes shopping! ...cause I have the hourglass figure, too! And whoever came out with low cute waist lines, didn't! LOL! I love ready your blog! :)


Anonymous said...

You should feel very proud of yourself because you showed amazing restraint. I don't think I could have done it, not with the sales being that close. Congrats!!


Tara said...

You'll get everything you want accomplished!
You sound so determined!